Historical Society Events Support the Museum and Schoolhouse

Final Location
The Santa Rosa Schoolhouse now resides permanently on the historic Kaetzel Williams homesite of 1866. The topography mirrors the original Santa Rosa Creek and hillside site.

Schoolhouse By Creek

After the '60s
In the 1930s, the 1881 Schoolhouse was the scholastic and social center on the Molinari Ranch down Santa Rosa Creek Road. After closing in the 50s, the structure languished until it was moved in the 60s.


Late one October night when there was no traffic, the Schoolhouse was transported in three pieces to avoid utility lines which were not there in 1964 when it was moved to west village with the bell tower still attached to the roof from its original site on the Molinari ranch. Click photos to Zoom

More School House History

CHS Event Photos

For more than 15 years, the Museum has hosted students from pre-kinder through grade three with docent-led activities, following California State Framework guidelines. Click to ZOOM

The Education Committee applied for grants which allowed CHS to acquire artifacts and new materials in 2017 to expand interactive activities for students on tour and at major events. It will be a long realized dream when they are utilized at the 1881 Schoolhouse. Click to Zoom

We Celebrate Our Community Legacy

After acquiring the Guthrie Bianchini property, fundraising began in earnest to supplement grants. The enthusiastic volunteers established Heritage Day, which was held variously at Robin’s Restaurant, Squibb House, Bucket of Blood, and at historic Phelan Grove up Bridge Street until events could be held on site after construction was completed in 2008. Since then, the major fundraiser became the Fall Harvest Festival, and Heritage Day was reserved for displays and demonstrations of all things old fashioned, including a “shotgun wedding”. Click to Zoom


Besides a variety of food purveyors and fantastic local musicians to benefit the Scholarship Program, the Harvest Festival featured the Pie Tasting Contest to benefit the Heirloom Gardens. Sponsored by Robin’s Restaurant and The Cambrian News‘ Culinary Corner, home bakers provided tasters with a variety of delicious pies

Speaker Series Commences

The Historical Society welcomes a variety of interesting speakers to meet with our members and the general public in the Museum Parlor for an evening of hors d'oeuvre, wine, and conversation.

3/14/14 - Dr. Dan Krieger was well received by a full house

Santa and Mrs. Claus' Annual Visit

The jolly couple arrives by fire truck during the town's Hospitality Night for photos with children and families. The evening begins the Holiday Season with spirit.

Plaque Unveiling Kicks Off the Walking Tour Project

Christopher Brazelton, Facilitator for the historic east village Plaque Project, sweeps aside the veil from the museum's new informational plaque. Events Chairman Consuelo Macedo looks on. Photo by Merle Bassett/The Cambrian

Before the plaque was unveiled local architect Brent Berry spoke about his experiences on the successful renovation and reconstruction of the former Guthrie-Bianchini House, and its subsequent opening as the Cambria Historical Museum. Photo by Merle Bassett/The Cambrian.